Swafizz.com is an unique social networking platform completely based on sharing photos, videos, Chat, Live Broadcast, Interest Match, Q & A, and much more easier to making profile with global art.

Live Stream

Live stream is the easiest way to broadcast your event live. Cloud streaming service includes playback on any device, DVR, Radio, live Chat, Group Chatting, Video Tags, Group Video Sharing, Group Chat, Private Virtual chat and much more .

Interest Matching

On Swafizz.com you follow Interest networks of your choosing or create new Interests for others to follow. Following an interest network allows you to Social Conversations to topics that interest you and also helps you quickly discover great new things .

Bookmark Sharing

Centralized your online service which to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks. Swafizz.com social bookmark services allowing you to organize bookmarks and develop shared vocabularies in the world.